Our Management Team

Sui Zuo Chun

Country Operations Manager (Guinea, West Africa)

As the Country Operations Manager, Sui Zuo Chun drives the profitability of the business and oversees TOP’s operations in Guinea, West Africa. These include managing the company’s staff and recruitment matters, as well as resource and equipment planning.

As part of his responsibilities, Sui networks regularly with local authorities and partners to develop strong relationships as well as to gain a better understanding of the market. This ensures that all processes are done in accordance with the local laws and regulations. Sui keeps the management team up to date with regular performance and progress reports.

Since Sui joined in 2016, he has helped TOP grow its mining capacity from 5 million tonnes per annum to 10 million tonnes per annum.

After graduation, Sui worked in various organisations, taking charge in portfolio that focuses on mine technology and management. Sui holds a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Mining from Jiangxi University of Science and Technology.

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Sui Zuo Chun