Our Management Team

Tan Jenn Shi

Vice President, Minerals and Resources

Jenn Shi oversees mining projects, trading activities, and investments related to bauxite as the Vice President of Minerals and Resources at TOP International Holding.

As part of his portfolio, Jenn Shi maintains a keen eye on the competitive landscape and is always on the lookout for potential investment opportunities.

He is also responsible for formulating the strategic directions for the bauxite business, alongside the management team, and ensures that all projects and operations are implemented accordingly. With years of experience in this niche space, Jenn Shi has helped the company scale and achieve several milestones, with the notable one that saw TOP pioneer the export of bauxite from Malaysia.

Prior to joining TOP, Jenn Shi began his career at RHB Bank, taking charge of business development. This was where he started to hone his business acumen, developing the ability to turn strategies into positive outcomes.

Jenn Shi’s expertise in the metals and minerals arena makes him a valuable member at TOP, where he actively contributes to the management strategies and optimisation of operations.

Jenn Shi graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Laurentian University, Canada.

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Tan Jenn Shi