Human capital is a key asset. To retain and expand our talent pool, we provide employees with learning and advancement opportunities in a positive working environment.

We have implemented wellness programmes to help employees manage stress. Beyond the organisation, we support the inclusion and progress of diverse communities, working closely with partners to improve the quality of life for local communities.

We believe that a key tenet of sustainability is the ongoing development of human capital. As an organisation, we are focused and committed to nurturing our employees internally and supporting the external communities around us.

At a Glance
166 tonnes
Of rice donated in 2019
Community hours in Guinea per year

In addition to providing crisis relief efforts, we are also committed to nurturing the future generations through mentorships and donating to schools in Africa to improve the learning environment.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we spearheaded door-to-door distribution of surgical masks to needy and underserved communities across Singapore, and donated protective gear including hand sanitisers, isolation gowns and chemical suits to hospitals in Asia Pacific and Africa.

To date, a total of 8,000 masks, 60 thermometers and 50 pieces of protective clothing have been distributed.