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Ensuring a sustainable society

As society progresses, we are inadvertently caught up in the strong currents of conflicting needs, some real and some perceived. It takes a major event to remind us of our priorities and they are simple: our health, families and friends, enough food, roof over our heads, clean, fresh air, and our livelihoods.

To strengthen responses to future pandemics, cities must build up capabilities in biomedical sciences for R&D and innovation; continue to develop supply chain resiliency through alternative supply sources and ensure adequate stockpiles. Ramping up local productions in pharma manufacturing and food supplies is paramount in boosting self-sustainability.

City living should be designed with more pockets of greenery, and keep in mind population mobility for containment in case of outbreaks. Singapore has done well in decentralisation by building satellite town centres outside the CBD to avoid overcrowding.”

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