Instabilities such as political shifts, economic tensions, trade wars and health pandemics meant that businesses must safeguard and strengthen fundamentals while remaining vigilant for opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

Internally, we need to ensure that we are resilient, stable, consistent, and future-ready by making adequate preparations to effectively and efficiently manage external risks and unexpected challenges.

To become a truly resilient company, there must be environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). We also believe that a combination of strong financial health and a well-diversified portfolio is paramount. Thus, we are actively assessing expansion opportunities across various industries including urban farming, agriculture, technology, logistics and shipping.

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In the long-term, we will continue to allocate resources to build a highly resilient and sustainable business portfolio.

To date, we have remained debt-free and have enjoyed the flexibility of self-financing by ploughing back our profits. Our continued financial prudence has enabled us to sustain our investments in existing and new businesses using our earnings. Our approach to succession planning is to plan and start early by identifying key positions within the organisation and building a capable and cohesive team around them. These potential successors are then progressively trained to assume greater responsibilities as they develop deeper expertise.

As part of our drive to remain futureproof, we have also embarked on Robotics Process Automation to streamline back-end operations. Innovation is the key to staying relevant, differentiated and competitive amidst paradigm shifts. Hence, we constantly seek ways to embed innovation across various facets of our business. The creation of a digital roadmap helps to steer the organisation and our people towards the path of increased technology and innovation adoption. This is evident not only through our improved infrastructure but also in our recruitment process. We try to identify candidates whose mindset and capabilities are open and inclined towards innovation and assess innovation as an employee KPI.