Top International Holding – Hefei Fengle Seed Co. Ltd Jakarta Seminar


JAKARTA, INDONESIA – On 30th July 2017, The Rice Cultivation Seminar was held at Jakarta, Indonesia by Top International Holding and Hefei Fengle Seed Co. Ltd. The objective of this seminar is to have deeper understanding of the current situation of our rice cultivation project at Pontianak, Indonesia. A 3-days survey and inspection were conducted prior to the seminar. During the inspection, Fengle specialist also communicated and shared their insights to TOP’s team in Indonesia.


Hefei Fengle Seed Co. Ltd is the first listed company in China seed industry and it has years of matured experiences in the rice cultivation industry. TOP is honored to invite a group of specialist from Fengle to conduct an inspection for us in Indonesia. During this trip, this group of specialist has run a full spectrum of detailed analysis and investigation on the soil, water supply, rice field design and the ecosystem to identify the underlying problems. We are grateful to receive on-site guidance, demonstration, and knowledgeable feedbacks from Fengle with regards to the challenges and problems that we are facing right now.


Fengle concluded the 3-days inspection with their professional suggestions and advices. The chief of agronomist fully utilized local land condition and weather to redesign the rice field for us. At the same time, Fengle has also explained the importance of irrigation system design in the rice field that leads to successful rice cultivation by giving several overseas successful stories. TOP is honored to be invited to Fengle’s company in Hefei city by mid of August for a full set of inspection.


This seminar has successfully connected both parties on the topic of rice cultivation. Hefei Fengle Seed Co. Ltd has an optimistic view on the rice farming development in Indonesia, and is willing to provide the technical and managerial assistance as a partner. TOP is grateful to receive professional insights from Fengle. We look forward to working on the business plan with Fengle; meanwhile, we hope with this partnership we will create a win-win situation for both parties.


(雅加达-7月30号讯) 高顶国际与合肥丰乐种业于雅加达进行了稻米种植座谈会。座谈会主要针对高顶国际于坤甸的520公顷地的稻米种植项目。丰乐种业一行人在会议前进行了3天实地勘查,并与当地高顶稻米种植负责人进行交流。