Top International Holding Guinea Inspection Trip


GUINEA, WEST AFRICA – On 14th July 2017, CEO Dato’ Victor Tan Jenn Chyen and management had a 10-days inspection tour to Guinea, West Africa. The objective of this trip is to inspect the new mining zone and to visit the local employees.

It has been nearly 7 months since the project started since November 2016 and we are fortunate that the overall production has been operated without any disruption. At the moment, No.1 mining zone is completed soon. The production line and the quality of bauxite were beyond TOP’s expectation and satisfaction. TOP will be fully committed to No. 2 mining zone. Preparation work will be more focused on the second phase of development.


Currently, the infrastructure of TOP’s base in Guinea has been completed. Beside basic infrastructure, we have newly built an outdoor basketball court to fulfil employees’ recreation and to enhance employees’ communication skills. During the trip, Dato’ Victor Tan also had a match with the local employees.


Working in close cooperation with government and civil society, the president of Guinea has encouraged peaceful working environment. TOP has also set up a Peaceful Development Award on April 2017 to reward the local staff for their great effort in promoting the harmony of the community and the working environment. In spite of having their own payroll every month, TOP has allocated certain funds to reward local staffs quarterly and/or annually. TOP has presented this award on July 2017, in the witness of Regional Vice President Mr.Tan Jenn Shi and short briefing by Chief mining Mr. Sui Zuo Chun, the award is given away to the team leaders.


During the inspection, Dato’ Tan and management had constructive discussion with SMB, various port operators and local partners with regards to the development issues in Guinea. TOP pays high attention in corporate social responsibilities. We work with our local partners to ensure safe and fair working environment.



(几内亚-7月14号讯) 我司CEO 拿督陈振权管理层一行前往几内亚进行为期10天的视察活动。此行主要视察即将开发的2号矿区及探访当地辛劳的员工。