30 May 2018

At TOP International Holding, we have our corporate social responsibility in place to protect our environment and ensure that our mining practices are safe, green and most importantly, efficient. In January this year, our CEO Dato’ Victor Tan steered our company towards green mining by introducing the employment of two new Wirtgen 2500SM surface miners for mining in Guinea


TOP International Holding had a meeting with the Wirtgen Group in Germany where our CEO Dato’Victor Tan, Vice President Mr Tan Jenn Wei and Head of China representative Mr Sun Jian visited the Wirtgen headquarters and had an in-depth discussion with Mr Ulrich Reichert (CEO of Wirtgen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd.), Dr.-Ing. Erik Zimmermann (Product Manager, Mining), Mr Tony Cai (Manager, National Account & Overseas Business) and Mr Sven Krumscheid (Head of Customer Support) on the overall market situation of bauxite, business operations as well as mining plans and equipment. The TOP management team also visited the Wirtgen Production Plant and inspected Wirtgen machinery.

By using Wirtgen surface miners, TOP is prioritizing safe mining over conventional mining which requires the method of blasting. Wirtgen surface miners do not drill or blast the mine, making the work process safer for TOP employees. Additionally, Wirtgen surface miners allow for better control over the particle size mined which is beneficial to the overall logistics chain of the mining process and also provides added convenience for our customers to utilize the bauxite.


TOP collaborated with Wirtgen as our supplier as part of our corporate strategy to move into more innovative, smart and efficient mining practices and minimize the conventional mining method of drilling and blasting which is not as safe, green or effective. Wirtgen is a globally recognised leader in mining technology and the manufacturing of mining machines and TOP’s new Wirtgen 2500SM surface miners provide our miners with three tried-and-tested performance classes to choose from as well as the possibility of customizing the mining operations down to very specified details and project requirements. This new machinery allows TOP to utilize high-end technology in the cutting, crushing and loading of the minerals mined into one single step of operation – maximizing efficiency of the mining process while minimizing any effect to the environment. In addition, TOP’s new and powerful Wirtgen surface mining machinery operates without any detonations at lower dust emission levels, significantly lowering labour and operation costs at the same time. Their individually height-adjustable and steerable crawler units enable optimum manoeuvrability and their fully-glazed operator's cabin provides miners with both heating and air-conditioning, soundproofing and anti-vibration mounting to ensure non-tiring and productive machine operation


TOP is proud of our ability, openness and willingness to quickly adapt to newer greener mining practices and focuses on safe and environmentally friendly mining machinery as our corporate social responsibility. We are positive this helps both the environment and us and we expect to see a more productive output this year that is sustainable, safe and much more optimized, with an estimated target of over 10 million tons of bauxite being mined annually.



高顶国际CEO拿督陈振权先生、副总裁陈振威先生,高顶驻中国代表孙健先生在德国拜访了维特根总部,并与Mr Ulrich Reichert (维特根(中国)机械有限公司CEO), Dr.-Ing. Erik Zimmermann (矿业设备产品业务经理), Mr Tony Cai (维特根中国全国大客户及海外业务经理) ,Mr Sven Krumscheid (客户支持业务经理)就铝土矿市场总体情况、公司业务运营以及以及后续生产计划,采矿机设备等相关问题进行了深入交流探讨。高顶国际一行随后对维特根生产工厂及机械设备进行了参观考察。