CEO and COO of Top International Holding visiting TOP’s Guinea, West Africa Project


SINGAPORE – On 30th December 2016, CEO Dato’ Victor Tan Jenn Chyen and COO Dato’ Albert Sim Yew Yew of TOP INTERNATIONAL HOLDING ended a 10 days’ visit in Guinea, West Africa.

In merely a month’s time, 500 hundred thousand metric tons of bauxite ore had been blasted, and 50 thousand metric tons had been loaded onto barges ready to be shipped to the capsize vessel at anchorage.

All these were made possible with the hard work and extra hours put in by the staff stationed in Guinea, West Africa, without compromising on the quality, quantity and targets set by the management of TOP.

During the site visitation by CEO Dato’ Victor, along with COO Dato’ Albert and few high management personnel from TOP, a celebratory dinner was held on one of the nights at TOP GUINEA’s campsite to thank and further encourage all the staff for their effort in keeping to the tasks at hand. The staff were told to uphold the core values of the company – “TRUST, OPPORTUNITIES, and PROFESSIONALISM”, while breaking into the market in Guinea. CEO Dato’ Victor and COO Dato’ Albert stayed in the same living quarters as the rest of the staff throughout their visit, and found that all necessary living conditions were met and built to standard.

Meetings were also held with SMB, port operator and business partners to iron out any underlying issues to smoothen the mining and export process. CEO Dato’ Victor thanked everyone individually for their upmost support towards TOP International Holding. He vowed to keep within the stringent standards of the policies layed out by the government of Guinea, and to have an open communication with the related authorities and partners to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.


新加坡 – 12月20日至30日,公司CEO拿督陈振权先生及COO拿督沈佐砖先生等管理层一行赴几内亚,视察几内亚铝土矿山项目,走访合作方及港口,并慰问公司驻几内亚员工。