TOP International Holding won Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017 (EYA)


Singapore – 23 November 2017, we are honored to be named the Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) 2017 winner under the New Entrepreneur Category. It is a remarkable milestone which encourages us to work harder to deliver supreme quality products and services to satisfy our clients. We believe this recognition has allowed us to have a positive appearance for the mining industry in Singapore or even worldwide.

The EYA is now in its 29th year, and is the oldest award in Singapore which honors local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners in both emerging or established enterprises. With the theme “Transform; Reinvent”, EYA 2017 identifies visionary business leaders who continuously transform their business model and seize prospective opportunities for growth, and this is what we always look after. We have upgraded our mining equipment and successfully change the conventional mining to a more advance and environmental friendly method in 2017. In the meantime, we are not only developing the business but also focusing on the social responsibilities.


During the award ceremony night, Speaker of Parliament, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin specially highlighted our company efforts in building the company brand and done well for the local community in where we operate. Our CEO Dato’ Victor Tan has participated a Charity Auction for Singapore Children’s Society, and bided a calligraphy at that night.

We are looking for successful business expansion with the integration of corporate social responsibilities in our practice.



新加坡 – 2017年11月23日,高顶国际很荣幸被授予新加坡2017年度企业家称号(EYA)。这对于我司来说是一个值得纪念的里程碑,同时鼓舞高顶团队更加努力的提供优质的产品和服务来满足客户的需求。这份荣誉让我司在新加坡乃至国际的矿业贸易中拥有一个更积极的形象。

EYA已经拥有29年的历史,是新加坡历史最悠久的奖项,用来表彰本地表现杰出的企业。EYA 2017年的主题是“变革,改造”,鼓励企业不停的寻求商业模式上的变革以求壮大,这也是我们公司一直追求的。高顶国际于2017年更新采矿机器,并成功将传统公式化的采矿方式变革为一种先进并且环保的方式。与此同时,高顶团队不只致力于发展企业,并且不忘社会责任。